The piping fabrication industry has been a backbone of Korean growth and infrastructure. Pipelines, oil, energy, medical, food and paper have all grown due to the work done by pipe fabricators across the country. It’s full of the grittiest and most talented welders in the world. However, the technology that exists in today’s pipe shop hasn’t changed much in decades. The capacity to put complex bevels on basic carbon pipe and even harder P91 Chrome Alloy pipe has been a mix of old boring mills, tri-tools and plasma/oxy processes. They’re slow, burdensome and are usually the bottleneck of any shop pushing out any decent amount of pre-prepped pipe. As well, as accuracy and quality when trying to complete a J or U bevel with any complexity. However, Revolution Machine Tools has just introduced a new machine that will literally revolutionize the industry.
The KD Tube Series of pipe facing lathes. Many shops, depending on equipment, will put out 1-4 larger diameter pipes a day with the machined bevel quality required; taking anywhere from 1-4 hours per pipe to set up and “machine” the end of the pipe. The new Tube Series machines can knock that time down to 15-30 minutes including setup. The machine does not spin the pipe, but rather clamps and centers the material, while a facing head spins and approaches the material while inside the machine. 12” XH wall (1-1/2”) P91 pipe processed with a complex bevel including C-dimension was processed in 20 minutes. (see video on our website). The RMT Pipe Master Series of machines can dramatically increase your shop’s capacity and output, giving you a huge advantage over your competitors and increasing your profitability; all while taking up minimal floor space and overhead. Contact your KD Rep today to find out more!

Tube 800K
  • Tube 800K
    • - 6”-32” capacity
    • - 4” wall max (multiple passes)
    • - KD-Program or CNC
    • - Complex Bevels, Threading & Serration
  • Tube 800K is the workhorse for any pipe fabrication shop. Designed to put complex bevels on your pipes 6”-32” within minutes. A superior finish over traditional methods and that your welders will love on wall thicknesses up to 3.9”. Your J, U & V bevels, including radiused bevels are now easily programmed and processed in minutes rather than hours.



  • Take the Time & Guesswork out of Beveling

    It’s all about time! The Tube Series of machines are revolutionizing the pipe fabrication industry. Designed to dramatic>lly cut down your shop’s beveling time; a complex J or U bevels that took hours to put on pipe can now be done in minutes.

    The Tube Series of machines is built out of strong stress relieved material. A sturdy frame that takes up a small footprint in your shop.
    Increasing both efficiencies and profitability! Is your company ready to grow?