The Kyoungdong of the company which is a plant
engineering of the new humanity and green.

  • Greetings and thank you for visiting the Kyoungdong website.

    Since its founding in 1973, Our company has 40 years of making a good machine.

    Our company has been dedicated to making to a cutting machines and pipe beveling machines which it are the basis for all the machinery industry, has been producing the best equipment as based on Quality First that it have advanced technology and accumulated know-how, has become recognized as a global brand in the field of domestic/foreign industrial plants and petrochemical plants.

    We do the best for the internal superior technology development and Human Resource Development as a creative and challenging posture, and is made the product that can contribute that it’s the more convenient and secure, cost savings from the perspective of the customer by the outward, will be to do the best of increase the company a global brand value.

    We, Kyoung Dong, believe that we can create our own future, also we will never forget that you are the most important to us.
    We value and appreciate your continued interest and support, and hope that our company website will provide an informative tour about our operations.

    Thank you.



History of

  • 2017
    • Exhibited Steel Fab 2017 Exhibition in Sharjah, UAE.
  • 2016
    • Exhibited 2016 Wire & Tube Exhibition in Dusseldorf Germany.
  • 2015
    • Started "Pipe-end Expander Machine"
  • 2014
    • Sign cooperation contract with Weldec(Germany).
    • Exhibited 2014 Wire & Tube Exhibition in Dusseldorf Germany.
    • Exhibited The 6th All China International Tube & Pipe Industry Trade Fair in Shanghai China.